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Public Informational Presentat…

On May 12, 2014, we are holding a public informational presentation and conversation about the design and implementation plan for the Tidmarsh Farms Wetlands Restoration at the John Alden...

Author: Administrator 23 Apr 2014 Restoration Newsfeed

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Handheld Infra-Red Survey Hydr…

Handheld Infra-Red Survey Hydrologic Investigation

By Danielle Hare   Infra-Red is a cool new method that can determine changes in infra-red radiation, or heat radiation. It is used for police searches, medical imaging, night vision devices, building...

Author: Danielle 16 Apr 2014 Restoration Newsfeed

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2014 Research Summit

2014 Research Summit

Our 2nd Annual Tidmarsh Farms - Living Observatory Research Summit was held at the MIT Media Lab on February 28th. The lively day long event allowed 45 participants to share...

Author: Administrator 30 Mar 2014 Tidmarsh BLOG

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The Restoration Design advance…

The Restoration Design advances to Permitting

Alex Hackman, Restoration Specialist at MA Fish and Game's Division of Ecological Restoration, serves as Project Manager for the Tidmarsh Farms Restoration effort. In this critical leadership role, Alex shapes...

Author: Administrator 17 Mar 2014 Tidmarsh BLOG

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2/25/2014 Town Hall

7:30pm – Town Hall, Conservation Commission Alex Hackman of the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration will present an overview of the project for the Commission.  This is an informational presentation made...

Author: Administrator 24 Feb 2014 Restoration Newsfeed

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The best laid plans ....

The best laid plans ....

As I mentioned in my last post, we will need over 8,000 2-3 year old Atlantic White Cedar trees to be ready for planting on the Tidmarsh/Beaver Dam Brook Restoration...

Author: Administrator 11 Nov 2013 Tidmarsh BLOG

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Tidmarsh Farms, a 577 acre private farm situated in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts, combines a large wetlands restoration and conservation project with an operating cranberry bog, a stewardship and technology program and limited low-impact residential living. Beginning in 2010, the restoration project will transform 250 acres of the property from a cranberry farm into a more natural wetland system, allowing this area to serve its ancient function as a flood plain and insuring free passage of water and wildlife from the headwaters of Beaver Dam Brook to the sea. As the restoration progresses, a Living Observatory component will afford the public access to the environment across 3 venues: the outdoor parkland, a Visitor center, and a dynamic website. Our goal is to equip each visitor with tools to better understand relationships between ecological processes, human lifestyle choices and climate change adaptation.

This Week on the Farm

May 2014

  1. Join us for an informational meeting on May 12, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the John Alden Club, 16 Minuteman La. Plymouth, MA.
  2. 2 silt fences have been installed in the two large sand pits. These fences are to keep the Eastern Box turtle from descending into areas we will be using as staging areas for construction.
  3. A small greenhouse near the main barn will be assembled to allow us to grow Atlantic White cedar and other plants for the restoration effort.
  • Contact Us: With comments/questions/request for an information meeting: tidmarshRestoration@gmail.com or call directly; Glorianna Davenport, Tidmarsh Farms, 617-642-7934.
  • A Reminder: Tidmarsh is a privately owned, posted property. Unauthorized use is prohibited!

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