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Signs of life in the new channel

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The construction at Tidmarsh East continues to amaze and inspire. The newly dug western channel is now ‘turned on’ from Cell 5 (the former reservoir) all the way north through Cell 1.  Three and a half earthen dams have been removed.  Thousands of cubic yards of sand have been moved to expose peat which in many places is chock full of old trees.  And so much more.



Alex Hackman, Project Manager from Division of Ecological Restoration, returned to the site after a short vacation.  He writes: " we are [already] witnessing the return of life to the stream channel!  Just a few weeks ago…nothing but bare mud and sand.   Today…fish and algae are present in Cell 2.   Green slime might not inspire many, but it sure knocked my socks off yesterday.  Of course, 60 degree weather in February helps to get things growing. "

A driving goal of Living Observatory is to capture ‘time zero’ and those rapid changes that follow.   We are now in the midst of this (rare and limited duration!) period of preliminary biological re-colonization and physical adjustment in the restored channel.  Alex, thanks for these pictures.  We look forward to a continuing stream of discovery!

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