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Climate change adaptation requires new models for environmental leadership, new frameworks for the study of ecology and new approaches to land stewardship. A Living Observatory for the 21st Century, an integral component of the restoration effort and future parkland, affords the public the opportunity to experience the environment across three venues: the outdoor parkland, a Visitor Center, and a live website. Our goal is to equip each visitor with tools to better understand relationship between ecological processes, human lifestyle choices, and climate change adaptation.

Throughout the parkland advanced sensor technologies will capture ecological vital signs. With the help of creative interactive applications and time lapse technologies, everyday visitors and specialists can collaborate, allowing their eyes and ears to experience the rhythms of biodiversity that are almost imperceptible in the field, even to specialists.  Captured in audio-visual & statistical databases, the observatory streams information about water quality, micro-climates, plant colonization, native and migratory bird species, insect populations and other wildlife to provide an unprecedented record of wetlands transformation. Scientists, naturalists, teachers, students and everyday visitors have the opportunity to participate in research, even as they enjoy the evolving environment.



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December January 2016

Mass Audubon has launched a campaign to establish the

Tidmarsh Nature Sanctuary, Click the link for more information massaudubon.org/tidmarsh

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