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The restoration of such a large area will require significant planting at the edges of the restored stream bed and throughout the reparian corridor. The Eel River Headwaters Restoration project, for example, required over 24,000 plants, with over 17,000 of these Atlantic White Cedar.

During the design phase, a planting framework will be developed that focuses on selecting and situating appropriate species to colonize both the restored wetlands and the adjacent uplands.  The selection of species will reflect specific goals related to overall morphology, water chemistry, and diverse habitat; the planting plan will reflect design goals for each cell of the project.  The required stock will be propagated off-site at nurseries specializing in the particular species. Tidmarsh Farms will develop on-site capacity to grow at least some of these plants from the seedling stage onwards until they are planted on site.   This effort will extend the initial tree farms that have been established on the farm.

This Week on the Farm

April 2014

  1. Germinating AWC (Atlantic White Cedars).
  2. Stumps and logs continue to arrive.
  3. If you would like to organize a presentation of the restoration project to a neighborhood group, please send email to:
  • Contact Us: With comments/questions/request for an information meeting: tidmarshRestoration@gmail.com or call directly; Glorianna Davenport, Tidmarsh Farms, 617-642-7934.
  • On-going: We are collecting tree trunks and stumps for the restoration; size matters! Please notify jkbadeau@verizon.net if you have materials!
  • A Reminder: Tidmarsh is a privately owned, posted property. Unauthorized use is prohibited!

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