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Tidmarsh Farms was established in 1982 in Manomet Massachusetts with a mission to use best practice to cultivate and harvest cranberries from existing cranberry bogs on the property.  This effort involved combining known science and practice with innovative methods, processes, and technologies. (see photo library)

Prior to 2010, Tidmarsh Farms cultivated and harvested two cranberry bog systems.  These systems are distinct not only in size but also in their relationship to ground water.  The 38 acre complex, lying to the west of Beaver Dam Road is smaller, more manageable and higher in elevation than the 130 acre complex that lies between Beaver Dam Road and Bartlett Road. Furthermore, Beaver Dam Brook runs through 130 acre complex, making the system more dynamic and problematic to farm.

As in any farming operation, management decisions are impacted not only by the economics of production but also by the goals of the owners, the dynamics of nature, the pressures of neighborhoods as well as by direct and indirect impacts of an evolving regulatory framework. From the earliest days of Tidmarsh Farms, the land east of Beaver Dam Road presented particular challenges that can be ascribed to the existence of the riverway.

In 2010, as stewards of this property, the family decided to restore critical integrity and biodiversity to this wetland corridor. In a partnership with USDA NRCS Wetlands Reserve Program, Tidmarsh Farms took 130 acres of cranberry bog out of production and placed a perpetual conservation and restoration easement on 192 acres of land lying east of Beaver Dam Road.

Today, we continue to farm the 38 acres of cranberry bog that lie west of Beaver Dam Road.

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